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High-end and Portable 18-ch ECG Machine


18-lead synchronous acquisition greatly increased the detection rate of right ventricular and posterior wall myocardial infarction

Glasgow ECG analysis algorithm that can accurately trace and diagnosis of the cardiac abnormal waves

Support bipolar pacing detection

1s baseline stability

Original iFilter™ adaptive filtering technology has greatly improved the ECG signal quality


15 inch high resolution LED monitor

Alphanumeric keyboard and tracking ball operation

ECG data can be saved as HL7, XML, PDF, PNG, DICOM or ZQECG format

Standard configured the Multi-axis TP® innovative thermal printer can trace each segment wave clear in any application scenarios

Support data transmission to PC via LAN port, USB port, SD card and WIFI

Optional VCG/TVCG/VLP/QTD/FCG advanced analysis function are provided to help doctors diagnose certain cardiac diseases which cannot be diagnosed by normal 12-lead ECG

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